Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers' Day

I may reflect more on my experience of Fathers' Day later. That's not what this post is about. As, no doubt, many of you are aware the Saturday before Mothers' Day has been declare (if unofficially) Birthmothers' Day, I thought I'd personally call for today to be Birthfathers' day.  The Birthmothers' Day celebration this year was an exceptional event. Our local branch of Catholic Social Services did a really nice job commemorating the joy, loss, and general intensity of Birthmotherhood as reflected in the mirror of a traditional Mothers' Day celebration. It was complete with fruit cocktail and unappetizing bagels. I'd like to mark today as special for recognizing the joy, loss, and intensity of Birthfatherhood.

Honoring Birthfathers Today

Make a call. Send a text message. Write an e-mail. Post a card.
Tell a birthfather you appreciate him.

But please, don't say "congratulations" or "happy" unless you know it will be well received. This is going to be a difficult weekend for many men. I recommend the terms honor, celebrate, recognize, and appreciate instead.


  1. although the relationship with our daughter's birthfather is rather complicated, I am certainly thinking of him this weekend. since we don't really have a way to reach him right now, my thoughts are all I've got.

    thinking of you too.

  2. Luna - thank you for the thought. When coincidence conspires against us and thoughts are all we can give it can leave us feeling a little powerless. But I believe thoughts are the most powerful tools we have, and when action is impotent thought still possesses gravity. Thank you again. I hope that you have a lovely weekend.

  3. You are in my thoughts today. I know these days (Mother's and Father's) can cause a dicotomous set of emotions. And a struggle to find your center, just know that you are appreciated. I hope you have a peaceful weekend.


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